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The Mass Adoption of Social Media – Now is the Time January 5, 2010

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Ice Cream Social Media

Ice Cream Social Media

Here is a fabulous video representation of all of the Social Media statistics we’ve seen over the past year. If you aren’t participating yet 2010 is definitely the year to begin! Draft a Social Media policy for your company, educate your staff and start communicating. The possibilities and tools are only starting to emerge. It is anyone’s game to win, but you know what they say “You can’t win it if you’re not in it!”.


Social Media Tools Landscape Overview November 9, 2009

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Finally, as promised, my Social Media Tools comparison is complete. Though I wouldn’t say this is a final, final draft. New tools, and updates to current tools, are being pushed to market daily. Rather, this is a starting point which will be updated on a bi-monthly basis.

I’d love to hear your feedback. Did I forget your favorite tool? Did I get something wrong? Let me know!

Social Media Tools v1