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Google Launches New Ad Formats for the Holidays November 25, 2009

Posted by nadzent in Intermediate - SEM 201, Search Engine Marketing.
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Today Google launches a few new ad formats. Some are targeted to local advertisers, others to online retailers. It seems their timing is just right to get the kinks out before CyberMonday. This is Google fulfilling their promise to deliver the most relevant results to any search query. It also keeps the searcher on the SERP longer and creeps into non-Google-like territory.

What this means to advertisers is that you have more options than ever to reach Google’s audience through the AdWords platform. Once you grasp the basic auction-based ad model you can explore your creative options and varying strategies around ad targeting and what content is most important to your target customer. You can learn more at the Google Blog. Or please comment below and let’s open a dialogue.

I will watch the Google space over the Holiday weekend and on Monday in particular, and report back with whatever insight I can glean. Until then, Happy Thanksgiving!