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Superbowl Ads – Do They Score Online? February 7, 2010

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If you have ever wondered how those multi-million dollar TV spots resonate online, look no further than Reprise Media’s Superbowl Scorecard. This is an annual study measuring how effectively an advertiser’s marketing program integrates across media channels. Is GoDaddy buying relevant keywords on Google? Are they showing up in the organic search results on Yahoo? Is the competition buying their brand keywords for 24 hours to “piggyback” on the TV ad dollars spent by the competition? It’s always interesting to see who scores a “touchdown” and who is left on the sidelines. 2008 results showed Pepesi as the clear winner. Zantac deffinitely fumbled. Watch for the 2010 results – Search for 2010 Reprise Superbowl Scorecard and see if they score a touchdown this year!

Here is the 2008 Superbowl Scorecard RepriseMedia_SearchMarketingScorecard_08


Online Display Advertising – An Easy Way to Get Started January 6, 2010

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So, you’ve toyed with the idea of testing an online display ad campaign (banners). Perhaps you’ve even built in some budget for 2010 (congratulations!). But you’re not working with an agency and you have no idea how to get started. If you have already tested search engine marketing (SEM), or are at all familiar with the Google AdWords interface, you may be further down the path than you realize.

Google’s Content Network (made up of AdSense publishers) allows not only the standard text ads but also display ad content (video too!). They even have tools to help you build your ad creative if you don’t have a designer on staff. Take a look at the Google-produced video below for a quick introduction. The bidding, reporting and user interface is the same as for your search engine marketing or PPC campaign. In fact, you can buy your display ads on a PPC model instead of CPM, if that’s easier for you. The targeting options are quite advanced; you can ask Google to suggest sites on which to display your ad based on your URL, or you can chose the sites where you’d like your ad to appear. Or give Google a few sites you think are a good fit for your message and it will show you others with a similar audience. You can also chose geographic targeting, if that makes sense for you.

Once you take a look, let us know what you think. If you’d like more information or some help getting started, we’re here for you!

What Are They Saying? What Are You Saying? Let’s Talk It Out November 9, 2009

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Social Media is on every marketers mind these days. If you aren’t already Twittering you’ve probably got a Facebook page. Perhaps you’ve left an online review of a product or service? Maybe you’ve given feedback to an online merchant? And chances are you have left a comment on a blog. If you have done any of these things then you have contributed to the vast quantity of user-generated content available on the web. Is all of this activity and content important to your Brand? Yes.

An August 2009 Nielsen study showed that “when looking for new information online…” 18% of internet users turn to Social Media as their trusted source.

In order to begin to understand what this means to your business you must find a way to listen, record and analyze what is being said about you.  Students of the theatre understand that there are three ways to learn the truth about a character:

1. What do others say about hi

2.What does he say about himself

3.What does he say to others

It is the same with a Brand online. What are others saying about your product or service? If you don’t know you’d better find out, fast!

What are you saying about yourself via your website or advertisements?  If your site content or your creative isn’t up to snuff, or the brand message is inconsistent or unclear, then get to work on revisions ASAP!

What are you saying to others via your social media strategy i.e. blog, Twitter, fan page, etc.? If you don’t have a social media strategy you’d better get started!

So, to begin, it is vital to uncover what is being said about your Brand. There are many free and paid tools you can use to do this. Below is a brief list to get you started. You will certainly uncover others if you do your own research. I will review some of these services in my next blog post. In the meantime, check these out and let me know what you think!




Scout Labs

Nielsen Buzz Metrics



Twitter Search

Google Trends

Facebook Lexicon

Social Mention